Greetings from the President

president Hideko Tanaka
Japanese Society of Wound,
Ostomy, and Continence Management

president Hideko Tanaka

My name is Hideko Tanaka and I became the new president this term. My very best regards to you all and thank you so much for your co-operation.
The forerunner of this society was the Japan Association for Enterostomal Therapy (ET)
In the association the name "Enterostomal Therapy" derived from the association
having grown up mainly around stoma care.

However, specialists in Wound Ostomy Continence (WOC) can now be found world-wide and the Japan Nursing Association's having started to train certified nurses in Japan triggered the growing demand for not only stoma but also wound care development. Our society was established in 2009 to strengthen and increase interdisciplinary approaches in the field of wound and ostomy continence care.

Currently we have not only members who are experts in skin excretory care but also researchers in various fields such as doctors, nurses, administrative dieticians, medical doctors and those from various domains such as medical science and technology and other academic societies as well as WOC specialists, comprising a truly interdisciplinary network.

We are concerned with ABCD-Stoma care, various treatment reward revisions, the participation in nurse training systems for Tokutei, the drawing up of various guidebooks, the pursuing of goals in the four following areas: Academic, Educational, Professional, Political (4-AEPP) and also brush-up seminars for our members.

In the third phase, several projects have already been undertaken by a number of committees under the leadership of the former president, Hiromi Sanada and this business will continue now as I take over along with this term's board of directors.

The first, the academic activities project, will concentrate on research into information surrounding best practice for Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (incontinence-related dermatitis) and to publish research in that field. Through these academic activities we hope to widely disseminate care practices based on evidence in wound and ostomy areas, and we will proactively promote the care of our patients.

In the second, the educational activities project, we will continue to evaluate an authorized clinical skin care nurse training system. Assistance for skin disorders which are disuse-related dysfunctions accompanying aging, is a category in which nurses can perform their own original care techniques. In this education project, through the mastery of standard procedures, we aim to enhance the quality of care given by nurses who assist with skin disorders in all settings such as general wards, outpatient clinics, home visits and so on. If these techniques are applied constantly, preventative intervention will be possible.

Thirdly, as professionals, we aim to establish the certified nurse in skin and excretory care as a qualified professional and such measures will strengthen the nursing function in the patients' domestic lives. I am confident that this will further strengthen our role as a leading academic society in the field of nursing specialization and contribute to the raising of the level of nursing science world-wide.

Our fourth and final goal, political activities, relates to the promotion of activities aiming at acquiring medical fee payment, the continuing of academic activities such as the accumulation of clinical evidence by disseminating care technology and in pushing forward such political activities I am convinced that we can promote team medical care and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the nation as a whole.

Through the activities of this academic society, I hope the development of wound ostomy care will go forward undaunted into the future. As always, we thank you for your continued support and co-operation with the society.

Thank you.